At FTGU, we partner with healthcare providers to offer quality, comprehensive, and compliant revenue cycle management expertise and execution.

What we do

We provide full revenue cycle and out-of-network revenue cycle management, as well as a full suite of billing and coding services, including coding audits, accounts receivable analysis, eligibility verification, consulting, and analytics—to give you peace of mind that your practice is bringing in a steady stream of revenue every month.

Our suite of services includes:

  • End-to-End Revenue Cycle Management: Key services include AR Analysis, Consulting, Coding/Coding Audits, Eligibility, Verification, and Analytics.
  • Secondary Claims Management: Reduce your practice’s percentage of unpaid claims, increase your monthly revenue, and identify the reasons behind unpaid claims—so that your staff can prevent them in the future and avoid repeating the same billing mistakes.
  • Out-of-Network Revenue Cycle Management: We bill Physician Assistants’ OON surgeries so that your practice receives higher reimbursement.
  • Patient Self-Pay: Though our preferred business partner, we add a service that includes patient statements, calls, and collections—to complete your RCM and increase your revenue.

How we work

We use our proprietary software TrackAR to track and collect on all claims. At the end of every month, we give you a comprehensive denial claim report, which allows you to update all your accounts, and identify and resolve billing inefficiencies.

Along with our software, our highly skilled professionals work diligently to eliminate lost revenue, uncover the root cause of claim denials, and get you reimbursement you deserve.

What clients can expect when they work with us

  • Most new clients experience a 5-15% increase in overall collections due to our consistent streamlined processes and our unmatched AR recovery efforts.
  • Subject matter experts –with an average of 10 years of experience in medical billing—who analyze your revenue cycle and create a plan to take your practice to next level of productivity and profitability.
  • In-depth explanations of why claims are being rejected and how to resolve the root cause so that your claims are reimbursed every time.
  • Emphasis on giving providers transparency and control over their revenue cycles.

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Here what our clients have to say about their experience with us!

  • FTGU has gone beyond what we would have thought possible. They have reviewed our AR carefully and found revenue that we were not aware of and the collections are much better than we would have anticipated. The organization is well organized and professional. I would recommend them without reservation.

    Administrator, Pain Management &
    Orthopedics, Dallas, TX

  • We have been a client of FTGU Medical for five years. We feel incredibly fortunate to have such an outstanding group to handle billing for our orthopedic practice. During this time, I have found them to be more than a billing vendor for our practice. They have been a true partner in helping our practice thrive. They have assisted with the development and implementation of our new PMS and soon to be Electronic Medical Record technology. I highly recommend them, without hesitation, to any medical provider who needs professional billing assistance with their practice.

    Orthopedics, Dallas, TX